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Seraniti was founded in March 2016 with the idea of creating a holistic platform. This integrated platform brings together an expertise of the insights from Eastern and Western psychotherapy to help each individual meet the challenges of living in the 21st century. Developed by leading psychiatrist Dr Shyam Bhat, Integral Self Therapy (IST), is evidence based non-dual, transpersonal, integrated psychotherapeutic method to relieve stress, treat depression and anxiety and to achieve psychological insight. It blends the insights and techniques from yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, metaphoric language, gestalt therapy, psychodynamic theory and existential and transpersonal psychology.

The integrative approach bridges the gaps in the system of working in silos. We combine psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling, movement therapy, yoga and meditation, to achieve transformative results. Hence we have adapted a team based approach where we work together to meet your needs. We maintain a high degree of professionalism; from the protocols of therapy, to our complete confidentiality to our integrated approach we are always guided by the highest standards of excellence and professionalism. We have client centred approach and our commitment is to help you achieve your goals and we deliver our care with compassion, empathy, and centred on helping you achieve authentic health and happiness.


“ To provide the highest quality holistic mental wellbeing services”

Meet Our Team

In 2006 Dr Bhat formulated and developed Integral Self Therapy, a research proven method that integrates an understanding of - mind, brain, body, relationships, culture, and soul to achieve emotional wellness and balance.

My highest joy is to help people regain confidence & find inner peace.

Dr. Shyam Bhat,

India’s leading mind-health practitioner.
Founder & CEO, Seraniti

Retold & Reclaimed

Retold & Reclaimed is a collection of stories, narratives, essays, poems, sketches and paintings by the clients and therapists at Seraniti. They portray their personal battles and victories with mental health issues.

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